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No Planning Permission for a House Extension - fact or fiction?

Many homeowners are very surprised that some home extensions do not require planning permission. Wary home owners find this concept of no planning permission for a home extension very disconcerting after hearing other horror stories of refused planning applications for friends and relatives for example.

When a scheme requires no formal planning permission for a home extension this is usually referred to as permitted development rights.  Most homes have enjoyed permitted development rights for years so why does this come as a bit of a shock to some home owners when this extension  route is explained?

Well firstly, the requirements for a 'no planning permission' house extension are very complex with strict rules often referred to a PD rules.  Each home extension will have requirements that it must adhere to with regard to dimensional constraints, heights, siting, materials & site zoning for example.  Even the type of home (detached, semi-detached or terraced) has an impact on what you can build without formal planning approval.

So, is a 'no planning permission home extension' a reality or a myth?  Well lets just say that most house extensions if designed to the preferred requirements of the client or home owner, will normally require formal Planning Consent rather than being classed as permitted development.  Why? - This is because a 'no planning permission house extension' requires certain compromises that can be seen as restrictive or a compromise too far for many home owners.

However, when a home extension does not require formal planning consent, most homeowners get a great sense of self satisfaction that they can build without the approval of some low level council worker fresh out of University. 

The other benefits of a permitted development 'no planning permission house extension' is the fact that the neighbours do or other NIMBY's do not get to say anything negative about your proposal as the scheme is either legal or its not.   It is often referred to as the planning permission your already have simply waiting for a physical construction to fit the pre-allowed space.

So, who decides if your house extension does not require formal planning consent?  Well, if you have employed a professional and experienced house extension designer or architect, they will be able to guide you through the process without any problems. 

You are still advised to have proper planning drawings completed in order to submit a certificate of lawful development to the council so that you can obtain a legally binding document from the council that your home extension scheme is indeed a 'no planning permission house extension'. 

Without such a legally binding document you leave yourself exposed to errors or misunderstandings that could lead to very expensive remedial measures if you are later refused a retrospective planning application or appeal.








































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