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House extension quotes - how to obtain the best prices

Approaching builders for a house extension quote and the final outcome is very much influenced by a number of factors.  Some householders approach a builder to come round with a view to estimating a house extension cost without any drawn plans - the builder is the first person they have called for advise on what they can do and the costs associated with that task - This is usually a complete waste of time for homeowner and builder alike.

True quotes for a house extensions can only be achieved after the homeowner has engaged a house extension designer or architect to prepare a scheme proposal.  Most house extension builders refuse to provide a house extension quote until the final construction plans have been prepared for Building Regulations and construction on site.

This means that the homeowner will have to embark on spending money on the design and council application process before they can obtain a house extension quote from a builder.  Once a homeowner has obtained the correct level of house extension design plans and specifications, they can then approach several house extension builders for quotes as part of a formal tender process.

Approaching 3 to 4 builders at the same time and letting them know that they are actually in a competitive pricing environment will provide the best opportunity for the homeowner obtaining the best or lowest price.  Whether or not you should be accepting the lowest price is another issue.

You should also ensure that your house extension quote is fully inclusive.  If you have had proper detailed plans and specifications prepared by your house extension designer or architect they should be fully detailed to ensure that your house extension quotes are fully inclusive of everything that is required so that you will not be charged expensive and excessive extras during the works.

However, if you have taken the DIY or 'cheap route' by employing a 'plan drawer' or your house extension designer who was not experienced enough or failed to provide you with the correct level of design service, then you run the risk of your house extension quotes being deficient and defective.

Most good home extension builders who are forced to price works on such deficient plans and details will make provision within their house extension quote by including prime cost (PC) sums or contingency sums for the missing works or items to be adjusted later one when the actual costs are known  These can include things like heating, plumbing, electrics and extent of making good or repairs that may not have been mentioned within the tender documents.








































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