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House extension process - DIY?

Building a house extension can be a daunting task for many home owners although when broken down into its constituent parts, the process is fairly straight forward. Its all about doing the right things in the right order and not trying to penny pinch on the all important design process. 

Some home owners see the engagement of a house extension designer or architect simply as a means to an end or a necessary evil to get to the end result of a finished home extension through their builder.

These home owners who do not appreciate the value of good design advice or the challenging of their own initial concepts and ideas for the house extension, risk not getting value added or building something that is unacceptable to future home owners and limiting their future sales market for the property.

Proper analysis of the existing building, overall site and adjoining neighbours for example plays a very important part in the house extension process as well as listening to the clients requirements. 

Many home owners do not have the required skills for planning and designing a compliant house extension through the Council so they often shortcut the house extension process to a more simplified variant by employing 'plan drawers' who may be able to draw a representation of the clients requirements but may lack the necessary house extension design skills offered by an experienced architect, technician or chartered surveyor.

The home extension  process offered by professional home extension designer is far more complicated than simply completing quality drawings.  It involves, analysis, looking at all the design options & selecting the best option for the available budget. Acting as your design agent through the two main council departments of Planning and Building Regulations is also an important part of the house extension process not to mention  understanding health and safety issues and all of the relevant building codes for construction.

Offering ancillary services such as obtaining builder tender prices, supporting the client through the build process by being on call or offering contract administration services is often an important part of the house extension process for some home owners.






































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