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House extension planning software - are they worth it?

Some home owners seek greater control of the home extension and purchase a house extension planning software package.  These are usually fairly simply modelling or plan layout programmes but still require a fair degree of learning time.  Some of the house extension planning software packages also offer 3D modelling.

One of the best and possibly the most simple to use is the Google Sketchup package that is free to download and use in its most basic format.  I have had several clients that have presented me with their 3d visualisations of their intended home extension scheme using this planning software for their house extension.

These 3D visualisations and floor plans accurately present to the house extension designer exactly what the client or homeowner is trying to achieve.  Use of the house extension planning software does not negate the need for employing an experienced home extension designer or architect as these visualisations on their own cannot be used for a formal Planning application or construction details for the Building Regulations compliance.

However, upon speaking to most homeowners who have used such free house extension planning software, they do have to admit that the hours they have spent messing around with the package may not have been the best use of their time although most have enjoyed the involvement and the process in finally outputting some form of house extension design.

Our advise is, yes, go use these house extension software packages but remember that it can only ever be used as a very good clients brief or presentation of what the homeowner is trying to achieve.  There is no substitute for good sound advise from an experienced home extension designer or architect who could have interpreted your requirements within the first 30 minutes of an initial site meeting possibly saving you days of tinkering on a computer for possibly an enviable house extension scheme.







































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