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House extension pictures or pics - can they say a thousand words?

Many homeowners seek inspiration first for their potential house extension by requesting to view pictures & pics of various house extensions.  These are usually in the form of photographs or drawings which can be located on the internet.  So what sources of information is there out there for looking at house extension pictures?

Firstly, simply typing in 'house extension pictures or pics' into google images will reveal a wealth of previous house extensions usually prepared by other house extension architects and designers on their web sites as part of their portfolio or gallery.

Another source of finding house extension pictures & pics is to visit the public access section of your councils web site to view previous planning applications usually viewable as pdf documents.  You will have to agree to a privacy and copyright restrictive policy but as you are only after ideas then this should be acceptable.

You can also extend your council search for house extension pictures & pics to other neighbouring councils as well so do not be afraid to explore. Be careful not to get too confused with all the various styles, shapes and sizes out their but do use this information to discuss ideas and concepts with your house extension designer.

Walking around your own local area actively looking for other peoples home extensions will also give you a good idea of what can be accomplished although you must remember that every site has its own unique and special constraints and merits that need to be identified by your home extension designer or architect.

Home extension pictures and pics can also be found in home improvement publications at your local news agent.  Be mindful though that many pictures of house extensions are in fact staged shots far from what can be achieved in the real world.









































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