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House Extension Options - too much choice?

Determining a properties potential for house extension options can be a difficult task for the normal householder unless they seek expert advise right from the start. Many properties have a whole selection of house extension options where the owner may have only considered one type of proposal.  Other dwellings that are on a tight or restrictive site for example may only have a limited number of options for a home extension - some have none, especially some modern estate type houses built within the last decade.

The options for a house extension can be assessed in many ways but it will be reliant upon the initial wish list or set of requirements offered by the home owner themselves.  All house extensions are motivated by the owners desire to solve a need or a problem & it is the home extension designers job to solve that problem by offering the best design solutions that fits the clients budget.

House extension options can be assessed and explored by your home extension architect or designer and they will be able to offer suggestions that not only meet your current needs but also will look at the whole property as well.  By giving them a degree of 'free range' on their initial advise to you they will be able to offer ideas and opinions of what could be achieved for the property that you may not have ever considered but, when explained, opens up a whole new area of development for the house that simply blows your mind.  This is where the experienced house extension designer really comes into their own - they simply show you how.

Regretfully though, many homeowners fail to explore the thoughts of an experienced home extension designer or architect and simply focus on their own thoughts and  engage a 'plan drawer'.  These people are usually 'yes men' and simply do exactly what you want with no real design input or advise - even when they know that a better job could be achieved by doing it another way.

That is not to say that the home owner 'never knows best' or 'what they want' as all home extension designers or architects need that 'spark' of client inspiration in order to 'mould the clay' to the clients requirements.  It is just that a pro-active and well  educated home extension designer or architect will be able to bring so much more to the table than a 'free ads' plans drawn merchant simply wanting a quick fee for as little fuss as possible.

If you are unsure, then simply spend some extra time at the beginning of your scheme interviewing several house extension designers or plans drawn people to explore their own ideas based upon what you are trying to achieve.  Avoid the people that do not analyse all of your house extension options.






































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