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House extension insurance

Most existing home insurance policies will cover house extension schemes but you do need to inform them as this could be deemed as an extra risk due to the works being completed on site (exposed flame guns, materials at height etc.).

Some house extension insurances are simply a note on the current policy file of the works while other will offer a paid for extension to cover the period of the contract on site. We are not aware of any specific home extension insurance policy that a home owner can take out separate to the main householder insurance coverings buildings and contents.

Many home owners seek house extension insurance to cover the builders works for damages, poor quality work or going bust. Again we are not aware of any specific and separate home extension insurance policy that a home owner can take out against such losses or rectifications. These insurance policies to cover the builders work are usually offered by the builder themselves as part of there professional trade bodies but these are usually at extra cost. The federation of Master Builders and the NHBC offer such plans. Their worth in the real world of actual events is somewhat tarnished though given the extent of negative exposure they seem to have for not paying out unless the house is physically falling down around them.






































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