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House extension fees

If you engage your own home extension designer then they will charge you a fee for their time. This will also include their own costs for printing postage and general disbursements. There are other house extension fees you will be required to pay such as planning application fees and building regulation application fees.

House extension fees can also encompass extra consultants fees required for the Council applications. These can be for a tree survey report, landscape designer, an illustrator, bat survey specialist and a structural engineer. There can be more but these are the usual ones that may apply.

Some schemes may be exempt from council house extension fees such as disability adaptations. Proof of disability will be required with the Council applications which should be quite easy for a genuine case. House extension fees when totalled up may seem expensive but when compared to the cost of the actual construction works they will only represent a small percentage.

Even when a home owner completes a DIY home extension they cannot normally avoid all of the house extension fees that may be applicable.






































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