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House extension experts - are they worth their fees?

House extension experts come in many shapes and guises. The home improvement press and publications are awash with them.  Seems like you only need to have brought and sold a property after throwing some paint at it to suddenly become a home improvement expert - I wish!

Any reference to home improvement expert in my book relates to the entire field of those actually working at it at the sharp end from architects and designers to house extension builders at the other - they will all be experts provided they have the relevant experience and knowledge.

For any homeowner first considering a house extension, bringing in a design expert early on is usually vital for obtain good design advise. A house extension designer or architect with say 20 years experience in the profession will have a wealth of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your property and that doesn't just mean size.

How the house extension is laid out with regard to internal layout, positioning of fixtures and fittings, locations of doorways, travel routes, glazing, window & door design, roof design, abutment details - the list is endless.

Some house extension designers and architects have added skills for perhaps including internal design advise or hard and soft landscaping ideas and recommendations.  Go and interview a few with a cup of coffee round at the site.  You would be amazed at how useful that one hours chat can be.

Another house extension expert could be the Planning Officer or Building Inspector.  Remember that in effect you will also be employing their services to approve your house extension scheme.  You may not have much choice in the matter and you may simply view it as a reluctant or tedious process you have to go through, but they are a very valuable 'check and balance' service.

Perhaps you would like your approved house extension costed out and the materials quantified.  This usually completed by a quantity surveyor or a pricing expert.  Again these can be very valuable house extension experts.

Finally your house extension builder should also be an expert in their field.  It is no good employing a steel frame farm buildings contractor to erect your brick and flint two storey side extension for example.  Their expertise and experience must be relevant and applicable to the type pf house extension you are constructing.

The house extension experts need not stop their either.  Some large house extension schemes require a Health and Safety expert under the CDM Regulations.  Perhaps you are completing works that may affect a party wall or a neighbouring wall where you will need the services of a Party Wall Surveyor - these are all house extension experts.






































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