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House extension drawings

Regretfully anyone can provide a home owner with house extension drawings - even the home owner themselves. The scope and variety of people providing such services are ever evident within any local press classifieds. The ‘plans drawn’ merchants rubs shoulders alongside a chartered RIBA service. The home owner is often very confused as to who they should be engaging for the preparation of their house extension drawings.

Many homeowners will select a recommendation from a friend, family or work colleague which can be a good starting position for preparing their house extension drawings. However, house extension design is not simply a matter of providing drawings. It should be total design service providing ALL the necessary design advise to the client, input on material selection, drawings, schedules and specifications as well as all the associated administration in being your Design agent through the Council application processes.

Any Agent that seems to simply wants to provide you with house extension drawings to exactly what you say without question or supplying other ancillary services associated with good house extension design should be avoided. These people normally work for the builders on a tight budget and are not particularly interested in looking after your needs or finances.

Most well recognised building design professionals belonging to an institution will provide you with all the required services rather than just the house extension plans. These are members belonging to CIAT, RIBA and RICS in most cases. There are others.

Although the house extension drawings or plans do form the backbone of most house extension design work from inception through to on site delivery by the builder, they are simply a vehicle for the house extension building designer to install their design thinking based upon your overall requirements. The building plans will be enhanced, adapted, altered, modified and improved upon s the progress through the various design stages from inception to client approval, from planning to Building Regulations onto construction.






































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