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House extension designs

Many homeowners are influenced by what they see around them and what they see within magazines or on television programmes. Therefore by the time your building designer gets to hear about your scheme your house extension design may have already been influenced to some degree.

This is not unusual and home extension designer requires an initial spark from you as to what you are trying to achieve in order to mould the clay that fits with your requirements. House extension designs can never really be prescriptive and it is very rare for one home owner to want an identical extension to a neighbours. Even if the basic concept and shape may be the same, some other element will be different such as the internal subdivision of the rooms for example.

Most home extension designs are usually bespoke to that particular property and clients needs. Purchasing ‘off the shelf’ ready made fully compliant house extension design plans will never be a reality and steer well clear from anyone selling you this kind of service on the internet for example.

Home extension designs are best prepared by an experienced and professional house extension building designer or architect who will prepare all the necessary documents and provide you with the correct house extension design advise right from the start.

The format on which house extension designs are prepared on can vary from designer to designer. Some use tracing paper and the traditional drawing board while others use the latest 3D modelling CAD software. Many are somewhere in between using 2D CAD software that most of people are familiar with.

Whichever method the house extension designs are prepared on it is the quality of printed form and the good design details of the house extension itself that will form the basis of a good well designed and built home extension on site later on.

Someone who supplies messy, in concise, misleading and inaccurate design and drawing work should be avoided. Most homeowners who have completed a few hours of due diligence work prior to selecting their house extension building designer will know instantly what is right and what is shoddy and should have eliminated this possible mistake.

Sometimes homeowners prepare their own house extension designs as they may have some rudimentary drafting or CAD skills but this can be a complete waste of time and often leaves the applicant homeowner exposed to a lot of technical traps with the Planning Department should the design, scale or drawings be incorrect.

Many building designers will not take forward any planning permission design work completed by the applicant themselves or some other novice knowing of the extra work involved in having to re-approach the Planning Dept, again when the Building Regulations scheme exposes a lot of deficiencies within the approved planning drawings.

If you simply see the house extension design process as a means to an end simply for compliance to then to get the builder started on site you really do not appreciate the importance and value of such professionals.






































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