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House extension design guide

There is no definitive house extension design guide as each site will have unique and site specific merits and constraints that first need to be clearly identified. No one house extension design guide can cover every single variation of these two opposing design affecting elements.

However, there are many generic house extension design guides out there most of which have been issued by the various Councils Planning Departments. These normally cover a standard set of issues relating to scale, siting, external appearance etc. of most extension types including dormer windows. These are a great place to start and a home owner is advised to download their own locals councils house extension design guide as a pdf.

Some planning and building design consultants have released their own house extension design guides but these are often purchased items sent as ebooks for example. Many tell of tips and tricks on how to give yourself the best chance of obtaining planning permission for your own house extension and are well worth the read for £50.00 remembering that planning can often be seen as a game so having your cards stacked for you rather than against you can be a very good advantage to have if you understand the Planners methodology and restrictive mind sets.

Another good house extension design guide source is your own personal Planning and Building designing Agent. These are normally very experienced and well practiced service providers that will input their own ideas and design advise based upon your main set of requirements for your house extension.

You will probably need to engage one at some point in preparing your house extension building plans so don’t delay, start sourcing and intervening a few now. Most do not have a written down house extension design guide that they can give you but hold all their knowledge and design skills within their heads ready to apply it to your particular house extension scheme.

Many property subscription magazines often offer tips as part of there own house extension design guide information but these are rarely concise and often already far to obvious, simplistic or generic to be of any real value to your particular house extension scheme. However, you may be able to pick up the odd gem or two.






































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