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House extension checklist

Should you be engaging your own professional and experienced house extension designer or architect, you will find that they will help you with your house extension checklist. Your check list will also be different for different periods of the various design stages.

For example, your house extension checklist at the very early stages should be focussing on what it is you want to achieve from the property and what your initial motivation or primary requirements are. Sadly, many homeowners get bogged down in too much detail or an ever evolving wish list. Once you have your basic set of requirements go and consult a few experienced and local house extension designers. Get them around to the property to explain you desires and requirements.

They should at first be listening to you and then asking you a series of relevant questions. A good house extension designer should be very proactive and offer their opinions and advise from day one even if they are simply speculating free of charge for the work. Some well respected and in demand house extension designers or architects charge a modest initial fee for this site visit and many follow it up with a very concise report and fee estimate with all costs scheduled.

Having secured your professional house extension building designer, the next part of the house extension checklist should be focussing on providing your building designer with a few sketches or list schedule clearly defining what you are wanting to achieve. Clearly mark and separate the ‘must have’s’ and the ‘nice if we could’ options. Do not be too prescriptive in formatting the physical shape and design of the house extension as this may strip away any additional creative element that your experienced and professional house extension building designer can bring to the table.

Once between you, you have secured a good planning scheme that details the room locations, sizes and external form, you can then use the next 8 weeks of the Planning application process to start your next stage of the house extension checklist. These would include items and fittings that you want internally.

External landscaping may also be relevant for the house extension checklist. Upgrading of existing house joinery items my be a priority together with under floor heating. These are just a few of the things you may now want to be considering so that when your house extension building designer is ready to upgrade the planning scheme into a full blown constructions scheme he has a lot of the information ready from you to include within his plans and specifications.






































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