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House extension average cost

The average price of house extensions varies with town to town, village to village and even area by area within a defined town for example. The same type of house extension can alter in average cost by almost double from say an ex-council property to some nobby part of town that is within a good school catchment area. Wealthier home owners will have more costly extensions for the same floor area crated - its simply a fact of life.

House extension average costs at today’s level (2011) varies from say £1,000.00 per square metre for some Northern or Welsh locations to over £4,000.00 per square meter for a simple side extension in Surrey or Henley for example so it really does depend upon location to some degree.

Another factor affecting house extension average costs will be design complexity, choice of materials and extent or quality of internal fittings. Some properties are also within poor quality sub soil locations and require spec list design and installation for the foundations which will again have a big impact on the house extension average cost.

Therefore any reference you may find to house extension average costs should be treated with caution as there are so many factors that will affect your particular design of house extension with regard to the actual build cost. The RICS and other professional institutions collate some construction costs for price averaging but as the data can be from extreme ends of the spectrum, any house extension average costs will be very rough and not precise.

For a better guide to your house extension average cost you should be approaching your house extension designer or architect as they will understand the complexity of the your house extension and what factors will affect the builders pricing. Even aspects like restricted or difficult access to the work area can double normal construction costs for a house extension.

Those homeowners who have not engaged an experienced and professionally qualified house extension designer or architect will probably suffer in this respect to anticipating costs. One answer to this is to engage a design and build company who will supply a service and product to a defined house extension average cost. However, this too also has associated problems and concerns for the home owner which is covered on another page in this web site.






































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