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House extension architect fees

There is no set fee scale for engaging your house extension architect or designer. Many years ago there was some form of suggested RIBA fee scale but this was removed so each house extension architect or designer will set their own fees based on your particular project and scope of service required.

Therefore many home owners may find it confusing at first what it all means and what they are getting for their money. Some professional institutions have used confusing and numerous specific design stages that over complicates what is actually required for a house extension.

As a guide, it is my opinion that you can break the house extension design process down into 4 basic stages and this is what your home extension architect fees should be based on.

House extension design stage 1 - Initial site meeting to listen to your requirements and asses the sites constraints and merits. Submission of the building designers feasibility report and fee estimate for all other design stages with all associated costs stated on your intended scheme.

House extension design stage 2 - Survey of property, compiling complete existing survey drawings, preparation of proposed design (maybe called sketch scheme) with a schedule or other drawings attached of possible alternative options that you may not have considered (remembering that you are also employing their experience and design skills for a pro-active service).

House extension design stage 3 - Site meeting with client to discuss design stage one. Taking instructions on amendments. Preparing scheme for Planning permission with all other reports or supporting statements that may be required.

House extension design stage 4 - Once planning permission has been secured upgrading and enhancing of planning scheme design with all construction details and schedules for all of the work required. Issue to client for checking and amendments. Site meeting to discuss any additional issues. Submission of full construction scheme to Building Control dept. of the council or other approved Inspector route. Once Building Regulations (full plans route) has been secured issue master set to client for the home owners use and records.

Most house extension architect or designer fees will also offer ancillary services for the building works on site. These normally comprise of handling the tender process to secure at least 3 builder prices and contract administration during the works. Many homeowners do not select these services preferring to handle the builder themselves but with the house extension architect or designer on call for any queries just in case.

Most house extension architect fees will be based on one of two charging structures. One is an hourly rate for their time for each design stage. The other is a percentage fee based upon a percentage of the estimated contract cost split into sections for each design stage. Each house extension architect or designer will vary I their fee scales depending upon their own current workload, success, status and experience etc.






































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