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House extension added value

Most house extensions will add value provided they are designed and built correctly. An illegal or poorly built house extension can become a liability and reduce a house value.

A finely built house extension will not have added value if the host main dwelling is in need of repairs or a good dose of maintenance money.

For a house extension to have added value it must usually be built around a core set of good design values that are attractive elements for most future purchasers of the property. These added value elements for house extensions are extra bedroom space of good usable double size, en-suites, large family kitchens with good sized eating areas, highly glazed, good circulation areas, ground floor cloaks area and of road car parking.

Good design detailing will also have added value for a house extension. Design elements like open vaulted ceilings, roof lights, use of bi-fold door sets, semi-open plan ground floor living space etc. all have added value.

However, due to the extra cost of extension work per square metre or per square foot, not all extensions will recoup their construction costs once immediately completed. Therefore, attention needs to be placed on the aspect of ‘money well spent’ rather than seeking your house extension to have added value instantly after completion. In most cases this simply will not happen.

Over time, the extension costs will be absorbed into the rising house price. Therefore for a house extension to have added value also needs the personal requirement of the home owner to have this balanced with a 5 year plan in order to enjoy the property after completion of the house extension works.






































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