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Inspection and supervision to ensure airv tightness for a house extension

All works will need to be inspected as construction proceeds. Once the building work is completed it may be difficult to examine the airtightness layer as it is usually covered by internal fixtures and finishes.

Inspection is also an opportunity to ensure that the construction team has a clear understanding of the importance of the airtightness layer and how it is to be incorporated. Inspection should concentrate on the continuity of the air barrier, particularly parts that will be hidden on completion.

The main objective should be to ensure that there is an adequate understanding on site of the airtightness requirements at joints, intersections and junctions of different wall, roof and floor types. Supervisory staff need to ensure that all operatives carrying out airtightness-critical operations are aware of the significance of the work. Any uncertainties about detailing or materials should be checked with the designer.































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