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Have You Informed Your neighbours of The House Extension Building Works?

Many home owners embarking on a home extension project fail to inform their neighbours of the start date for the works and how long it will last.

Some homeowners rely on the Planning process to alert the neighbours which is very wrong.

Even if you do not get on with your neighbours or you have had a grudge with them or visa-versa, you need to keep them informed and show willing if your builders are to be allowed to carry on with the works unhindered.

If you do not inform your neighbours and the first they know of the works is when the builders lorry arrives on site, you will have already angered the neighbour & they will be waiting to exploit any technical issue they can to cause you and your builder delay, cost or simply grief.

This can be noise, mud on the road, encroachment of dust or ladders - the list can be endless.  They can even report malicious activities to the Council or police so why take the risk.  Explain to them how you intend to reduce the impact of the works and let them have contact telephone numbers of your builder, Building designer and the home owners work number just in case.

A mild neighbour concern can be nipped in the bud with a quick telephone call or apology rather than having it fester into a fee generating situation for some external consultant or solicitor.


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