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Should You Pay Cash For Your House Extension Building Works?

This is a hard one with two answers - the official answer & the unofficial. Both the homeowner and the builder take on additional risks when paying for work by cash. The builder by evading tax & the homeowner by not having any receipt for monies paid and possibly being asked for payment up front (losing control). The builder possibly shares the greater risk as tax evasion is very serious.

Therefore any home owner should think first before agreeing to cash payments and from a professional standpoint they should really be avoided. However, living in the real world we all know this goes on so with the official line dealt with, you need to take a pragmatic approach to the unofficial line.

Cash works should only be agreed after the main home extension works have been completed. These would be for extra items such as external landscaping or additional redecorating for example. Safeguard yourself by requesting a receipt.































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