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Garage Conversion to form Utility Room - is this a good choice?

As with forming a new toilet or wc, utility rooms are another popular choice for many homeowners seeking a garage conversion. It seems that there is a regular or near standard form of estate type house design layout where the integral garage regularly backs onto the main kitchen.

Therefore, it is relatively easy to take part of the rear garage and convert it into a dedicated utility room. Often though this will have knock on effects of possibly destroying the current kitchen layout or not solving another problem of still not having a large family kitchen area.

Therefore any garage conversion to form a utility room should also look at the bigger picture of the entire ground floor layout and take a good look at any existing deficiencies that the property may have. Perhaps forming a dedicated utility room for the garage conversion does not produce the extra space in the kitchen first envisaged by the homeowner.

Perhaps foregoing a dedicated utility room and increasing the kitchen area into the garage provides that large family kitchen and eating area that everyone is after these days. The utility type white goods can always be hidden behind a cleverly designed set of kitchen units.

Sometimes only part of the existing garage space is needed for the utility room and many homeowner like to retain the front portion of the garage simply for storage, garden equipment and bicycles etc. This is entirely acceptable and would not detract from a houses value unless the off road car parking space was a highly valued commodity as in some cramped parts of London or any other city centre.

In other cases, the remaining front part of the garage is an ideal size and location for a dedicated study room as part of the garage conversion rather than leaving it for rough storage. Very rarely is it wise or practical t utilise the whole garage area for a dedicated utility room as often these spaces would be larger than the existing kitchen and it would simply not make sense.






























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