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Garage Conversion To Kitchen Extension.

It is amazing to find that many garage conversions are actually part of forming a much larger kitchen extension and this is a great way of economically adding that one main feature that every home owner desires these days - the large combined family kitchen and eating area - the number one tick sheet item.

If your garage conversion achieves this with forming a kitchen extension at the same time then this is a great opportunity and maximises the best form of payback or value added.

Some garage conversions do actually form a brand new kitchen rather than as an extension of the existing space and the whole thing is simply relocated to a new position within the house. This has to be considered very carefully as the expense and works required is usually quite extensive.

I always feel that as the kitchen / eating area is such an important space these days for modern families, the ideal location is at the rear of the property for spilling out onto the rear private amenity area (garden) for those rare summer days or just for the vista it creates.

Most garage conversions to be used as kitchens rather than extensions probably have a frontage aspect and looking out onto the street and from such an important space this is usually not a home owners preferred choice of outlook. However, as with all house extensions there will be compromises that will have to be made along the way.

The beauty with formulising a scheme proposal with your own house extension designer or architect is that you can locate, define and explore what these comprises will be on paper (in the virtual world) and decide whether these are a set of devils you can live with or they devils that will stop you sleeping at night.






























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