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Garage Conversion - Step by Step guide.

Homeowners who are seeking a ‘step by step’ guide to completing a garage conversion are usually the ones also considering doing a DIY garage conversion themselves which I am fully against and elsewhere in this garage conversion set of articles I explain clearly why - based on 25 years experience.

So, should I be providing homeowners with a step by step guide for a garage conversion? Should I be assisting them in making poor quality or un-thought through decisions without the aid of their own designer alongside?

Well, I will not be providing all the answers here within this one article on the subject other than - always employ your own experienced home extension designer or architect right from the start to assist you through the maze of design issues, building and upgrade solutions and local authority approvals. Alternatively use a local garage conversion specialists as a one stop shop approach - do not attempt a DIY garage conversion scheme.

However, for the determined homeowner still wanting to know the step by step guide for garage conversions they could do well by reading this entire section of all articles on garage conversions to get a fuller picture of the issues and solutions involved.






























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