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Garage Conversion Rules, Regulations and Requirements - What are they?

All garage conversions into habitable rooms are deemed to be a change of use and require formal Building Regulations approval. This is a set of rules or requirements that the new building works must conform to. All experienced house extension designers will understand these requirements and design a scheme that would comply.

Here is a basic list of the main rules, regulations and requirements that most garage conversions have to comply with:-

1 - STRUCTURAL STABILITY:- many garage conversions require some for of wall removal. Prove will be required of any new beams required.

2 - THERMAL PERFORMANCE:- Most garages are not thermally compliant for habitable living space and the existing 3 elements (floor walls and roof) will need to be thermally improved by adding insulation.

3 - WASTE AND SOIL DRAINS:- Any new drains (above ground waste pipes and below ground foul drains) need to be details and shown.

4 - VENTILATION:- Trickle vents for the new window and mechanical ventilator fans for any areas containing moisture producing appliances of fittings (wc, utility, shower room, kitchen).

5 - MEANS OF ESCAPE AND FIRE COMPARTMENTATION:- Secondary means of escape from the room via a window or door may need to be proven. 20 or 30 minute fire doors may be required depending upon the number of storeys for the existing house. A complete new hard wired, battery backup, interlinked smoke detection system may need to be retrofitted to the entire house.






























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