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Garage Conversion Prices - is there a current trend on construction costs?

Not really. Each garage conversion will have its own extent of works and materials specified by the house extension designer or architect. Therefore trying to generalise on garage conversion prices at today’s levels can be a difficult task.

Also, all building works and their costs offered by tendering builders are affected by other less obvious or subtle elements that many homeowners fail to realise. Here is an example of what I mean to demonstrate the point. Take two identical garage conversions in the level of works, area and internal alterations. One if to an ex-council house in a dubious area of town while another is in a very desirable area in a leafy suburb with excellent schools and ownership costs are at the top end of the spectrum. Do you really think that the tender prices received from the various builders would be identical for the identical works - not on your nelly!

This is one of the unexplained urban myths that is also a realty - a matter of fact even that, at first hand, appears very unfair - or is it? Perhaps each builder cuts their cloth (margin) to suit the financial status of each home owner. Perhaps even the quality and status of each builder tendering is different for each type of home extension applicable to the category of council tax banding - Pricing by council tax banding! Now there lies a novel idea.

It could be that garage conversion prices are also affected by the social standing and education status applicable to each householder. It is said that the more financially successful a person is the more intelligent they are and, as such, the builder pricing for a high end property has probably a more demanding client on their hands that also has the funds to pursue a complaint and become fussy on finishes for example than that of your Warehouse Forman owing an ex council house.

Yes, I have used stereotypes to explain these issues and yes it will not be a 100% correct analogy but I bet my hammer hit’s the nail more often than it misses.

Therefore trying to predict garage conversion prices with so many other variables in the pot is a very difficult task to generalise on. Go get your plans and specifications prepared by a good local House Extension Designer or architect and go get your tender prices from selected local well known and respected builders - that’s the only for sure way of knowing what the garage conversion price will be. Treat the investment costs required in engaging professional fees as a speculative punt worthy of taking a risk on.






























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