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Garage Conversion Plans - what level of detail is required?

Drawing plans are usually required for all garage conversions - well those embarking on the scheme in the right professional way. Those homeowners attempting to cut corners and costs and willing to expose themselves to complications, extra costs claims and problems later in in the development could, in fact, do away with garage conversion plans.

This would be where they take a chance that the garage conversion scheme does not require formal Planning permission and refuses to apply for a certificate of lawful development from the Planners.

They then take further chances and employ a builder to convert the garage works to an unknown or unspecified standard on a ‘Building Notice’ application to the Building Control Dept. where they make it up and get approval ‘on the hoof’ as work proceeds - VERY, VERY DANGEROUS FOR THE HOME OWNER.

However, for those homeowners that see the value in preparing a scheme design first with the aid of an experienced house extension designer or architect the process will definitely require the formulation of a set of detailed plans for the garage conversion.

To obtain planning approval or a certificate of lawful development from the planning Dept confirming permitted development the garage conversion plans or drawings only need to be in a schematic form showing existing and proposed floor plans and elevation complete with a site and location plan.

Once the planning issue has been resolved, the garage conversion plans are then enhanced and updated with additional details and specifications ready for the Building Regulations under a ‘full plans’ type of application.

These approved detailed construction plans for the garage conversion will then be used by the homeowner or their agents to obtain tender prices from carefully selected local builders. These documents will then be utilised as the main contract documents between the homeowner and their builder.






























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