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Garage Conversions - what are the options?

The options for a garage conversion comes in two basic formats. One is the defined use of the space currently required by the home owner but will it become a flexible use of space in the future? The second part of the options available to the home owner for garage conversions is what level of conversion works will be required for a robust long term use that creates a highly valued use of space that adds value to the property.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher quality of works and fit out you can afford, will create a much more desirable room that will feel part of the original home and not reflect a converted garage. This equally applies to the externals and the infilling arrangements for the old garage door as it does for the internal finish.

All homeowners contemplating a garage conversion will have a wide choice of options for the works with regard to layout and materials and these issues and options can be discussed with your house extension designer or architect right at the start even before drawings and specifications have been completed.

Each property will have its merits and constraints relating to a garage conversion and the available design options open to the homeowner. A typical example of a design option for a garage conversion may be to do with the pitched roof of the existing garage.

Rather than simply applying a level flat ceiling at the normal height why not consider adapting the existing roof structure by opening it up with a new ridge support beam for a fully open vaulted ceiling perhaps with high level Velux roof lights - just think of the wow factor that little design tweak would install. Yes it will add a few thousand to the extra cost of the garage conversion but it will add a significant sense of space and interest for the room.

Design options like this are not just limited to pitched roofs. External flat roofs for the garage conversion could accommodate a new lantern roof light. Even a simple small 1M x 1M fully glazed roof light will add significant light and space to what could be a fairly tight garage conversion.






























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