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Garage Conversion as a Music Studio - do they work?

Yes, without doubt. If the garage conversion is well designed and built well, then a use of a garage conversion for a music room or studio is an ideal one. Provided any garage conversion is built to a high standard then its use can be entirely flexible to meet the needs of each now home owner or can adapt with any growing families needs.

What may be a requirement for a teenagers music room one year may need to become a dedicated study for the family or a work room for the ‘work from home’ husband or wife later on.

Obviously there are a number of other factors for a dedicated music room for use as the garage conversion such as noise absorption and acoustics that can be built in as part of the initial design for the garage conversion by your house extension designer.

Most of the equipment for a dedicated music room revolve around appliances brought in and simply plugged in rather than forming inbuilt equipment. Therefore, when the need or requirement ceases for the music room, the garage conversion can revert to some other defined need for living space such as a guest bedroom or study.

High quality sealed unit airtight double glazing for the new window will be an added advantage to reduce any noise break out as will forming a blockwork inner skin rather than a lightweight timber stud framing. Incorporating dense internal access doors into the music room with neoprene air tight seals will again assist any noise breakout into other parts of the dwelling.






























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