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Garage Conversion Materials - what ones to use.

Upgrading any garage for conversion into a habitable room will require the use of new building materials. The main new garage conversion materials a builder will be using will be to do with the thermal upgrades of the floor, walls and ceilings.

Most of the new insulation for the garage conversion materials will be in the form of semi-rigid insulation batts such as EPS (expanded polystyrene), Celotex (PIR) or even compressed mineral wool (Dritherm). However, it is vital to know what thicknesses to use and where to apply each type of insulation in order to comply with the Building regulations.

Installing the less rigid walling insulation within the flooring for example could prove disastrous choice of garage conversion materials. This is where your house extension designer or architect comes in very handy for the homeowner as they will draw and specify exactly what is required for each element of the garage conversion upgrade.

Other garage conversion materials will come in the form of surface finishes and wearing surfaces. The homeowner will be required to decide on the choice of new window or door materials such as upvc, thermal break aluminium frames or good old timber for example. Most homeowners will require matching items while others may insist on an improvement to their existing inefficient joinery items.

Garage conversion materials may also include the choice of decorating - do you go for simply painting or wall paper?






























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