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Garage Conversion Kits - can you get them and are they any good?

In a nutshell - NO! There really isn’t any ‘one size fits all’ garage conversion kit universally available that a home owner can purchase off the shelf from a DIY store for example.

Each garage conversion is not only unique for that particular home owners requirements but each project will reveal a variety of design and construction problems and issues to be overcome or accommodated. An experienced house extension designer or architect will frame a set of works and materials to suit each individual.

Therefore, your house extension designer or architect will specify the works and materials required as a sort of bespoke garage conversion kit designed to suit the designers preferences and practicalities of the garage conversion.

Your selected garage conversion builder will then install the works to the materials and schedules specified by your house extension designer. Your builder will obtain the ‘bespoke’ garage conversion kit from his local builders merchants or other suppliers or manufacturers direct to site.

Treat with caution any company offering to supply you with all the material required for a DIY garage conversion kit. The system being sold probably will not receive Building Regulations approval and is targeted at the money conscious home owner seeking to cut costs. The end result will usually be the reverse of those intentions.






























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