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Garage Conversion - where to get ideas, images and pictures from UK installations.

Many homeowners seek ideas and inspiration from previous garage conversions before deciding on their own garage conversion scheme. This is a great idea and a few weeks spent researching other peoples ideas and garage conversions can avoid many design and build mistakes.

Simply by searching on Google images for the term ‘garage conversions UK’ will reveal a whole load of previously completed garage conversions. These garage conversion pictures are usually located on house extension designers and architects web sites as part of their portfolio or brag book.

Many garage conversion specialists acting as a design and build company usually have a wide range of previously completed schemes to show of their own work. Their web sites will contain a host of their images and pictures for your own ideas for a garage conversion.

The downside of searching for images and pictures of garage conversions on the internet is that they tend to focus on the internal space and all this flashy beautifully decorated space can hide a poor external appearance. Now you may think that here is little choice for affecting the external design of a garage conversion as surely it only involves the infilling of the old garage door doesn’t it?

Well yes and no. Its all in the detail really. I have seen a poorly keyed bricked in frontage with mis-matched bricks housing an offset poor standard window look awful - totally out of balance and obviously a filled in garage door opening using second had goods.

Another proposal that retained the piers of the garage with clean lines, a wide window and tile hanging underneath all set in from the original garage piers / walls looked very pleasing, used quality materials and did not try to blend in with the existing face of bricks for a very neat and detailed garage conversion.

The choice of construction details and possible additional wall and roof treatments at the front to enhance the frontage visual appearance are many-fold and your experienced house extension designer or architect will be able to advise you on all the options and estimated costings.






























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