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Garage Conversion as a home office - are they the ideal solution for working from home?

Yes, but they are not the only solution. I is my opinion that a garage conversion used as a home office or studio is possibly the best location for dedicated work from home environment especially if the home worker or business owner have times when clients or colleagues may come to visit.

This is because most garage conversions will have a front facing window and in most cases the access to the home office will be off the main hallway and near the main front door. This means there is good observation of the main drive or entrance to the dwelling and from the home office garage conversion window. Therefore guests can be easily spotted and made ready for receiving very promptly and with good anticipation.

If the access from the home office garage conversion if form a much longer distance and does not have a good observational vantage point then business clients may catch you unawares and take time for collection from the front door.

Other design tweaks that you may want to include for a home office studio garage conversion would be to perhaps incorporate a separate external door so that visiting clients can be brought into the working office environment without the need for passing the noisy children or the smells of home cooking or the mess of an untidy home.

The only possible down side of a garage conversion used for a home office studio is the fact that it is well connected with the main home. This means that you will be distracted during your working times by home life even if the door is shut - it happens. Some people quite like being constantly linked with the home while others prefer some degree of separation - perhaps a detached home lodge in the garden where open space is the separating element. Something to think about anyway.






























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