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Garage Conversion for a Home Cinema

Garage conversions make ideal rooms for a home cinema installation. Even the conversion of a single garage space will have ideal proportions for using the converted space as a dedicated home cinema room. A garage conversion for use as a home cinema will require a compliant and council approved conversion to a high standard as the use of the space will be defined as a habitable room.

A garage conversion for use as a home cinema is no more than a standard conversion for a habitable room but having electrical components for quality viewing and sound for home movies onto a dedicated large screen. These home cinemas can usually be converted back to any other use of space (bedroom, study, dining room etc) simply by removing the electrical installations.

Many home cinema installations are designed and installed in such a way that they are very unobtrusive and do not need to be removed for the garage conversion to be used as a very flexible and alternative use of space. Roller screens with a ceiling mounted projector is an ideal solution for a subtle home cinema installation within a garage conversion.

Some homeowners like the home cinema to be an obvious ‘in your face’ type of installation making a feature of the units especially if the are of a designer or high quality make. This can cause a ‘cluttered’ feel for the garage conversion and lose the sense of space that the room could have.

My advise for any garage conversion incorporating a home cinema installation should be very minimal with great effort placed on hiding the equipment within the building fabric so hat the space can be used for an occasional bedroom for example when guests come to stay.






























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