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Garage Conversions - do they make a good living space?

If they are well designed and not skimped on quality or work required, then yes they make a very good additional living space. However, many homeowners fall into traps that prevent them from having a great space for that garage conversion. Here are the main two reasons why many homeowner fail to achieve the best use of good living space by completing a garage conversion:-

1 - TRYING TO CRAM IN TOO MUCH - I have had clients wanting the use of a singe garage conversion to use the space for a wc, utility room, study and an extension to the existing kitchen. Yes, we got it all in but really did the sum of the parts destroy the functionality of the spaces created? Just how useful was that front facing study room to become a family play room or extra bedroom for the next set of home owners? Remember, its all about achieving flexibility of the spaces.

2 - DOING IT ON THE CHEAP - Even the best garage conversion with a high spec for finishes, work and materials will still be cheaper per square meter in cost than forming a new house extension so why skimp on these all important details of finish and structural engineering of the existing property if required.






























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