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Garage Conversion Floor Plans - which is the best layout for my own property

Some homeowners are confused by how to incorporate the garage space into the main dwelling when converting the garage. Unless you already have a set of floor plans or the homeowner is good at 3D visualising the existing house layout through walls etc., many struggle to see how the garage floor space can be best assimilated and used as part of the main dwellings living floor space.

Most experienced house extension designers and architects will immediately see the opportunities and constraints of your garage conversion scheme and they normally offer very good advise and recommendations right from the start of their initial site meeting with you.

When you have selected your best choice of pro-active and experienced garage conversion designer to prepare the floor plans, elevations and specifications of the intended works, they will be able to offer you their preferred garage conversion floor plans layout with the use and breakthrough points for best bringing the two sets of spaces together.

You may have already formed a view or aspiration for the converted garage space and the house extension designers floor plans will either demonstrate how this can be achieved or you will realise that the space is unsuitable for your intended use.

An example of this could be that the homeowner would like another bedroom but the access into the garage conversion for the new bedroom can only be achieved off another roof - say a kitchen for example rather than the common circulation areas. This restricted access garage conversion floor plan reveals that a bedroom space may not be the best use of space or very desirable for normal living. However, a utility or dining area opened up into the existing kitchen may provide a much better use of space that appeals to most future homeowners meaning that money is well spent and has some added value element to the works.

Time spent assessing the garage conversion floor plans issued by your house extension designer will be time well spent analysing the best use of the space. Be prepared to consider all the available options for using the converted garage space if only to stress test your preconceived current ids and aspirations. This is when a good experienced house extension designer comes into their own and earn their fees.






























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