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Garage Conversion Estimates and estimated costs - the chicken and the egg scenario?

Garage conversion estimates are usually required early on in the inception process if only to establish costing budgets and affordability by the homeowner. Some homeowners approach builders for price estimates on garage conversions whilst others will go straight to a house extension designer or architect for advice.

Only if the builder is experienced in garage conversions will they be able to offer some sort of accurate estimate. Many builders refuse to offer estimated costs of a garage conversion until they can view approved plans and specifications.

This situation can become a difficult dilemma for the homeowner as starting the design and Council approval process can be costly only to find that the completed approved design is £8k over budget when the builders tenders are received.

This is one argument put forward by the garage conversion design and build specialist companies offering a ‘one stop shop’ approach for the complete service working to a pre-defined agreed cost. This can be a good stress free solution but it is not without its traps and risks which is covered within another article.

Most good and experienced house extension designers and architects will be able to provide you with an estimated budget costs (estimated costs) for the works before being formally engaged based upon your own verbal aspirations and their assessments for the site conditions. This is a very good start so interview at least three and doe choose wisely.






























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