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Garage Conversion Drawings - who do you use?

No matter what you read I the press or those heavily influenced home and garden publications, anyone can prepare drawings for a garage conversion - you do not need an architect. This statement is, however, somewhat flawed as most homeowners consider anyone who prepares plans and designs for a house extension or garage conversion for example is ‘an architect‘ which is very often the wrong term for the person they are employing.

The term ‘architect’ is protected by Royal charter and only those members on the ARKUK registration board can use the term architect. But looking at any Council register you will se that most house extension or garage conversion designers are not actually RIBA members.

So who are these alternative ‘non-architect’ designers completing most of the design work and should you be considering them for the preparation of your garage conversion drawings and specifications? The short answer is yes as many are from other just as important building institutions or professions such as Architectural Technologist belonging to CIAT or Chartered Building Surveyors belonging to the RICS.

Many home extension or garage conversion designers will not belong to any professional body at all or belong to some alternative professional body but they can offer a wealth of experience and expertise that many so called ‘proper architects’ can only dream of due to their ambition and experience in other design and construction fields (commercial and government schemes for example).

My suggestion would be to value any garage conversion designer who has the experience and a successful track record of completing garage conversion drawings and specifications. Therefore interview several garage conversion designers from a variety of backgrounds and professions and view their work in drawing format and that of previously completed garage schemes including speaking to past clients.






























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