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Garage Conversion Cost Calculator - is there such a magical device?

Many homeowners think that establishing the costs of building works is a simple matter of tapping in data into a computer or online front end on the web, hitting the return button and hey pesto - there is the price of the works. Many homeowners expect to be able to do this even without the aid of a pre-approved plan or specification.

I wish life was so simple - perhaps if we all lived communist Russia style of early repetitive housing stock wit government controlled contractors the answer would be readily available with a universal garage conversion cost calculator.

However, the reality of the free minded world is different with each homeowner having their own unique set of requirements and each garage conversion designer, architect or builder having their own thoughts on how it is to be accomplished. Therefore, there is no such thing as a garage conversion cost calculator.

I you have employed a house extension designer or architect they should be able to give you some budget cost figures early on for the level of conversion works you require for your converted garage. You will then have to take a leap of faith and embark on a series of fees for the design works and application costs in order to get to the full construction details completed in order to approach local builders for their tender prices.

An alternative approach would be to employ a design and build garage conversion company and they will offer you a price for the conversion works plus a margin based upon a view of what they think needs completing based upon your own requirements. They do not have a magical garage conversion cost calculator but use previous experiences of their known costings on previous jobs to make a good estimate with a fair margin for profit included.






























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