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Garage Conversion Room - is a bedroom the best option?

Many homeowners want the garage conversion for use as a ground floor bedroom - usually for a defined family member such as a granny or additional child. This is a great use that meets that particular families needs but it is probably undesirable for future homeowners looking to purchase the property as many do not consider ground floor space as a suitable location for that extra bedroom - it’s a culture / status thing.

The only type of dwelling design where a ground floor bedroom is deemed acceptable and appropriate as an intrinsic part of a dwellings design and layout is for chalet bungalows. Full height standard two storey dwellings, trying to sell a four bedroom property where the fourth bedroom is on the ground floor is usually not recognised as adding value.

So, to reiterate my own mantra, provided the ground floor space for the garage conversion is flexible with regard to size, location and access, then the space can be used for whatever the families needs are at any particular time in the future. Therefore, provided this caveat applies to your own garage conversion for use as a bedroom, then it will be fine and money well spent.






























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