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Garage Conversion Average Cost

Many homeowners want to try and establish costs of a garage conversion before spending time and money of fees. This can be difficult as the complexity or ease of conversion will pretty much vary from site to site. From my own experiences, some garage conversions are very easy to convert and the average cost of these garage conversions are usually in the £18k to £22k region for a single garage conversion.

Most complicated garage conversions that may have practical issues such as large floor level differences, head height limitations, existing services relocation costs, substantial structural improvements and upgrades etc., high making good elements for example will significantly add to the garage conversion costs. It is my opinion that the average cost of a garage conversion for these more complicated schemes is between £22k to £28k for a single garage conversion.

Double garage conversion average costs are approximately 30% more onto these costs. All price estimates are based on 2011 prices in sought after areas to live. Less desirable living areas will afford a discount.






























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