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Conservatory Magazine - can you trust them?

There are actually not that many specialist magazines dedicated to just conservatories that you can simply purchase at your local High Street news agents. Most home improvement magazines will do a speciality piece or feature dedicated or focussed on just one type of house extension for example with conservatories being a very common return to topic. SO do look out for them.

When you do find a conservatory magazine article about the various types of conservatories can you trust what they say? Well bear in mind that most conservatory features like this within home improvement magazines are purely designed to attract advertising revenue - its all part of the game. Very rarely will you find a true journalist approach to a conservatory article that denounces a certain conservatory system, installation or supplier as being poor.

However, if you are able to read between the lines of these conservatory magazine articles you should be able to pick out the odd gem or two. Look for how the example conservatory is being used and its design. Is it offering something new, how are they tackling the old age problems of summer overheating and the winter chill in order to have a fully functional nice space to use for the whole year rather than just spring and autumn.

It has been my experience that most conservatory magazine articles are high on gloss and imagery but very low on quality written advice and content. They tend to aim high at all the ‘up selling’ opportunities for the advertisers (blinds, heaters etc.) but neglect to mention all the associated problems of trying to live with the conservatory for the whole years seasons.






































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