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Conservatory Lighting ideas

Lighting a conservatory can often be problematic due to the framed structure having exposed wiring for the overhead lights. Also, where can the lights be located? Can they be safely attached to the wall or roof framing? Giving some thought to how the conservatory will be lit before purchase is an important design consideration.

The most common idea for conservatory lighting is to use wall up lighters attached to the existing house wall rather than being attached to the actual conservatory framing. This allows the wring to be hidden within the cavity or chased into the plastering. Up-lighting provides a very nice ambiance of reflected light rather than directly looking at the bright lamp unit.

Many conservatory suppliers can also offer a variety of conservatory lighting ideas and some systems can incorporate hidden channels for the wiring built into the conservatory framing itself. Wiring concealed with surface mounted trucking should be avoided as this can still look unsightly and look like an afterthought.

Halogen spot lights are pretty common ways to light a conservatory but these are now being superseded with low energy LED’s but the light they offer is often very poor quality so perhaps these are not a good idea for conservatory lighting.

As many conservatories overheat in the summer or are too cold in the winter, many conservatory installers suggest the use of ceiling fans that can wash out hot air in the summer but can also distribute warmer rising air at high level within the conservatory in the winter by putting the fan into reverse. These fans often incorporate lights below the rotating fan blades so these are often a very good conservatory lighting idea.






































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