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Conservatory Lean To - are they the most common?

I suppose they are. They are usually the least expensive simply due to the simplicity of the design and the attachment process to the main dwelling house. Lean to conservatories are usually found on less expensive homes.

However, I have also seen them running down the full length or side of a Victorian detached property in a very select area to great effect - and it was not cheap but it did interlink many rooms for an instant semi-open plane use of the ground floor which was brilliant.

Therefore a conservatory lean to does not need to be as restrictive as a simple bolt on as I first intimated. Completed correctly to the right property a conservatory lean to can become a wonderful useful addition to the home but you may need help and advise from your own house extension designer or architect to achieve such a feat.

Many conservatory lean to’s resemble simple greenhouses and for the Victorian house example I described above this can be a no bad thing. However, a lean to conservatory attached to a 1980’s housing estate type of developer dwelling they can look appalling especially if installed as a budget ‘quick fix’ bolt on solution for adding extra space to the home.

The money is often much better spent to have a properly designed and engineered house extension using traditional house extension materials rather than a dubiously constructed, non Building Regulations controlled lean to conservatory offering very little real value of fully functional added floor space.






































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