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Conservatory Leaks - is this a common fault?

Conservatory leaks are very common both for new and older conservatory installations. The reason is quite clear. There are so many seals, joints laps and abutments, the opportunity for something not to sit quite right or be fitted perfectly is high so conservatory leaks are to be expected so it is nothing to worry about provided the leak is attended to by the conservatory fitters soon after discovery.

Unattended conservatory leaks will not normally cause major problems unless you have filled the conservatory with high value furniture which should be avoided due to the sunlight attack. However, a conservatory leak can become very dangerous for slipping due to ceramic tiled floors which is very common feature for conservatories.

Therefore, as soon as the conservatory leak is discovered by the homeowner, do raise it with the installers and claim for the repair or fixing under the conservatory warranty. Even the best conservatory suppliers, manufacturers and installers expect at least 30% of the installation s to leak within the first year so they are used to it.

Most conservatory leaking can be easily remedied simply by removing the glazing beads or clips, removing the unit, cleaning and checking of the seals and reinstalling with care. Often the smallest of creasing or wrinkling to a neoprene seal will cause a leak.

DO not attempt a DIY repair yourself as this can often result in injury and it is a specialists job. There are conservatory maintenance and leak repair firms nationally and locally dedicated to solving these conservatory leak problems.

As a test for the DIY householder considering a DIY repair for the conservatory leak and the first reaction is to go for the ladders and silicone gun - STOP RIGHT THERE. Very few conservatory leaks require blasting with silicone so call the experts instead.






































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