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Conservatory Kits - is this the best option for a budget conservatory?

Conservatory kits can be a great idea for the budding DIY’er and this will save the homeowner a lot of money but only if they have the time and skills to erect it correctly. If not then let an experienced carpenter or other experienced fitter install your conservatory kit right from the start.

I normally would not recommend any form of house extension kit for the DIY homeowner but conservatories are possibly the only exception where this may work. This is because most conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations provided certain requirements are met for the glass, no heating and separation from the main dwelling.

Even if the installation of the conservatory kit is a complete lash up, it will very rarely affect the house price value or its desirability for resale later on. Even a quality conservatory installation very rarely adds more than 5% to a properties value.

More entrants are now within the conservatory kit market so the likes of Wickes now have serious competition on their hands. Even upvc and powder coated aluminium frame manufactures have joined in to offer a limited range of ‘bolt on’ conservatory kits to the general public.

I think it is within the scope of most experienced DIY’ers to install their own conservatory kit but remembering that handling glass is very dangerous and takes a special skill and techniques that is best outsourced to a professional. If done properly, a conservatory kit can look just as pleasing as a bespoke professionally installed conservatory for around a third of the cost.






































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