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Conservatory kitchen Extension Ideas

The term conservatory kitchen extension does not normally apply to ‘bolt on’ conservatories as all conservatories need to be kept separated from the main habitable rooms of the existing dwelling if they are to be built without Building Regulations approval.

However, a properly designed and built fully compliant house extension with extensive glazing for the walls and roof of the house extension could be referred to as a conservatory kitchen extension. Some homeowners need to source examples and previous designs in order to formulate their own ideas for a conservatory kitchen extension.

Looking in home improvement magazines is a good start for locating conservatory kitchen ideas but the best quality input will probably come from your own experienced house extension designer or architect. They have great skills in assessing the broader picture of the existing house layout together with the sites merits and constraints in order to offer you the best design solution based upon your overall requirements.

They can also asses the practicalities of a conservatory kitchen extension design for extending the drains and domestic hot and cold water provision etc. Most of these house extension designers will be able to offer you alternative solutions and options for your consideration. They normally have lots of ideas and variations for your conservatory kitchen extension.






































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