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Conservatory Kitchen Diner - is this a good idea?

If you are looking for a kitchen extension where the new area is to be a diner opened up into the kitchen, then a conservatory extension is probably the wrong choice as they can only be exempt under Building Regulations if they are separated by doors from the main house. Most conservatories would be unable to comply with the Building Regulations if they were opened up- into the kitchen.

If you are happy that the conservatory extension is to be a separate room but used as a diner or dining room then a conservatory extension will probably suffice if you can live with the conservatory problems throughout the year and seasons. It is well known that most conservatories will overheat in the summer, be totally too cold in the winder unless massif use of energy is used for heating, and the furniture will self destruct within a few years by UV attack.

So do you still want that conservatory kitchen diner? Why not employ your own experienced house extension designer or architect to design you a properly considered house extension for the enlarged kitchen using traditional and compliant building methods under Building Regulations.

You can still have large areas of glazing for parts of the walls and roof but by clever use of insulations and perhaps a replacement boiler, the highly glazed conservatory kitchen diner can achieved that will form an intrinsic important part of the home that will have added value where as a separate ‘bolt on’ conservatory kitchen extension probably will not.






































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