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Conservatory Kitchen Designs - what are the options?

There is a general constant theme running through most conservatory kitchen designs being the formation of a large family kitchen area that has a generous space for eating rather than a separate dining room, with lots of light from glazed sections within the roof and bi-fold door sets spilling out onto the private rear garden.

The term conservatory kitchen design is perhaps the wrong phrase as most conservatories are not allowed to be opened up into the main kitchen unless they are made to comply with the formal Building Regulations - of they do not. In reality, most conservatory kitchen designs are in fact normal house extensions simply having a large area of glazing for the walls and roof and do comply with the Building Regulations.

Most ‘bolt on’ conservatories purchased from specialist suppliers would not be able to supply a suitable conservatory kitchen design that would be able to remove the dividing doors between the kitchen and the conservatory. Most homeowners require one large opened up space for their conservatory kitchen design rather than two separate rooms.

Our advise would be to engage your own experienced house extension designer or architect who can design you a compliant kitchen extension that incorporates the glazed elements your require within traditionally built walls and roofs that can incorporate up-rated insulation to compensate for the high levels of the less thermally efficient glazing in order to reduce the heat loss down to acceptable levels. This is the only way to obtain this type of conservatory kitchen extension design that does not require dividing doors between the house and the conservatory extension.






































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