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Conservatory Interiors and ideas - do we have a choice?

Most conservatory interiors seem to have the same style much of which is influenced by the furniture. Most homeowners tend to avoid expensive quality finishes for the conservatory interior and for good reason of avoiding sun beaching.

The majority of the wall and roof for a conservatory interior is simply glazing fixed between a framing material which is usually white made from upvc, powder coated aluminium or timber. The only elements left where the homeowner can have a choice of affecting the interior of a conservatory would be the dwarf walls and the existing external house wall that now becomes internal within the conservatory.

These can be as facing bricks or plastered and painted. My own preference would be to have the internal walls of the conservatory plastered and painted simply to make it feel more like an inner habitable room. Keep the interior walls of the conservatory simple and uncluttered from dado rails and frilly decoration.

The only remaining element for affecting the conservatory interior is the floor. Most conservatory floors are solid concrete and make an ideal surface for adding floor tiles. Tiling the conservatory floor will probably have the greatest effect upon the conservatory interiors feel and style so take your time electing the pattern and colour of the floor tiles.






































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