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Conservatory Interior Designs - is there much scope?

This can often be limited to how you treat the conservatory dwarf walls and the existing walls of the host dwelling that are now internal within the conservatory itself. Do you leave it bare facing bricks or have it all plastered? Have you ever seen a conservatory interior design that has suggested the use of wall paper? - no, me neither.

Therefore the scope for a variation of conservatory interior designs can be somewhat limited. Probably it will be the final choice of window and roof blinds that will have the biggest influence on the conservatory interior design so take you time selecting the right choice of blinds to suite you taste.

The floor covering is probably the next largest area within the conservatory where you could influence the interior design by you choice floor tiles for example. You do not have to stick with traditional ceramic tiling for the conservatory floor but this is probably the most practical choice given the usual good access to the garden area.

Laminate flooring could also be considered for the conservatory interior design pallet but these often end up looking rather tatty after a couple of years simply due to the access route for the garden traffic.






































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