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Conservatory Installation - should you be provided with a full specification?

YES! Most conservatory suppliers and installers will try to be vague on the works required to install your conservatory but you really should be provided with a detailed specification of the intended works for the conservatory installation so that you can check and confirm that you are obtaining what you have paid for.

As most conservatories are exempt from formal Building Regulations subject to certain criteria being met, the installers have a high degree of flexibility of what they install and the methods used. A prime example can be the foundations. Most installers will just do enough excavation where they are happy to take a chance that the foundations will be adequate for the resultant loads. This is usually well above the minimum 1M depth required for controllable structures under the Building Regulations.

Most conservatory installers will have a detailed specification for the installation but this is often not for public viewing for obvious reasons. Most conservatory installers want a high degree of flexibility during the build in order the address any on site practicalities that could cost them more money and time of they were to complete the conservatory installation in accordance with their recommended good practice guide.

Therefore do not be afraid to ask for a copy of the Conservatory installation guide for your own records and checking. |DO not be fobbed off with ‘its too technical for public viewing’ or we don’t have one as our installer know what they are doing’ - that is all rubbish and excuses. Therefore ask for your own copy of the conservatory installation details before placing your order to make them a bit more motivated to release the information. Knowing that you have this document will put pressure on the conservatory installers to do a ‘proper job’.






































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